Foot & Hand Care

Can’t reach your toes?

Can’t see your toes?

Can’t cut your hard, tough toenails?

Can’t manage your fingernails?

Can’t get transport to appointments?

Affordable basic foot and hand care services for the elderly and for the disabled; at your convenience in the comfort and security of your home

Serving City of Greater Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, Anakie, Bannockburn & Districts

Soles of a Couple and Their Child


Can detoxify, improve circulation & nerve supply to the body parts; it may help reduce pain and congestion by stimulating sluggish systems, calming over-active organs & easing tension & anxiety.
Reflexology may assist in the management of chronic pain & may also reduce the symptoms of conditions like lymphoedema & peripheral neuropathy.
Reflexology can help the body to return to balance: homeostasis. In a state of balance the body can heal itself… see Service List